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GILP Studio

Based in Uberlândia, Brazil


Release date:






Steam (Windows)




Areia is a game about emotions and spiritual growth, an adventure with puzzle elements. It is a tale of wonder in a land inhabited by only one character. Sand and water are the two elements shaping this uniquely crafted world. And, with the relationship between character and environment, you can traverse this world by creating your own path.




Imagine a world where you can control sand and water to create paths and shape your surroundings.

All of this in a universe that is always trying to repeat itself, this is Areia, a journey of emotions in search of enlightenment.

Areia borrows a lot from oriental spiritual culture, especially Hinduism and Buddhism the story unfolds by its premises as well. The game has emotional and spiritual stages of enlightenment in which you will need to face to uncover the mysteries of this world.

The scenery of Areia is a composition of a Biome of coastal dunes with large patches of sand, water, cliffs, and caverns. You will never be bored while discovering new places in Areia.



  • An emotional game based that is made to captivate every player,

  • High-quality visuals for a more immersive experience.

  • Amazing scenery and lighting, with top-notch simulations

  • Music made from the ground up focusing eastern elements in its construction without losing its outsider, and meditative vibe

  • Handcrafted levels with relaxing but gameplay intensive design

  • Learn about the stages of the samsara wheel of life, uncover a deep story.

  • No HUD's during the gameplay, nothing to take you away from the experience




Areia - Trailer


There are far more images available for Areia, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Logo & Icon

Awards & Recognition


GDC Play 2019 - Best in Play - Honorable mention



GILP Studio

Gabriel Luis Regis Silva - Concept Artist

Lucas Humberto Montes Ferreira - Marketing and PR

Lucas Pereira Vasconcelos - Software Engineer

Marcelo Spiezzi Raimbault - Level Designer

Samuel Cazetta Arlindo - Environment Artist


Douglas Chaves - Character Model and Animations

Chederrecords Studio

Rodrigo Nepomuceno - Composition - Audio capture - Mixing - Mastering - Sound Design

Tanya Wells - Voice

Jack Will - Percussion 

Renan Henrique Pereira Lima - Level Designer


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