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A single moment in the flow of time

Where two elements is all that hath

Sand may let one climb

Yet only water carves the path


You, single with the environment

Realize that far is not where you seek  

If you pursue enlightenment

Your consciousness shall peak


By the time your mind loses its identity

And with the universe you become one

Mind reaches eternity

And all becomes none



Areia is an relaxing experience set on a world created only from sand and water. In this unique place your decisions are tied to your karma and shape the journey ahead of you.

There are times we find ourselves on a world full of things but empty on essence. This vast desert of materiality tricks us on a endless and confusing path. But once you understand the limitations of matter you realize this is not the path and each element reveals its essence.

Now, when you seek virtue over wealth, an enormous sea of wisdom overwhelms your search for answers. It's your fate to comprehend these tides and create a virtuous path to enlightenment.

The Vessel

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